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Port Accessories "Needles and Sets"

Lifeguard Safety Needle

The LifeGuard™ is designed to reduce the chance of needlestick injury due to rebound, transport and disposal. Designed for maximum control and protection.

Benefits and Features

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LifeGuard Safety Needle Brochure LifeGuard Safety Needle Brochure pdf_icon

Winged Infusion Sets

Lipid-compatible infusion set with 90 degree anti-coring needle. Designed for use with all implantable ports.

Benefits and Features:


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Huber Needles with Extension Sets & Onco-Grip®

A wide range of Huber needles and Onco-Grips available. For access of totally implanted vascular access port lines. And to administer intervenous solutions, medications; and the infusion and removal of blood and blood products.

Benefits and Features:

Movable wings reducing risks of needle tear .
Non-siliconized needles minimize “back out” .
One-hand shut-off clamp, prevents the collapse and kinking of the tube.
Approximately 0.2mL priming volume.
Greater security and better usability.
Comfort and a better tolerance by the patient
Individualy packaged in a rigid blister pack and sterilized with ethylene oxide.onco2.1

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Benefits and Features:

Can be removed with one hand and is automatically secured.
Single use
Easy removal of needle without risk of accidental jab
Use of automatic safety mechanism and confined needle tip eliminated rebound effect.
Smaller needle increases stability and avoids painful tilting.
Includes closing clamp and luer lock connector.
Available with needle free option (Y-site)

onco1.1onco s2

OncoGrip Safe OncoGrip Safe pdf_icon

Standard Huber Needle

Huber Needles – FBI1007 pdf_icon

High Flow Needle 16 Gauge

High Flow Needle Information Card pdf_icon

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