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MSA Principal & Platinum Partner AVAS 2019 SM


Our team at Medical Specialties Australasia (MSA) are generally a fairly excitable bunch; however, with the upcoming 2019 AVAS Scientific Meeting we are even more excited than usual! As Principal & Platinum Partner, MSA is absolutely delighted to join the AVAS Board in welcoming you to the AVAS 2019 National Scientific Meeting WALK THE LINE in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to AVAS Principal & Platinum Partner, MSA also has the honour of sponsoring the attendance of Jocelyn Hill, nurse educator for infusion therapy, vascular access and home infusion programs at Providence Health Care in Vancouver, BC Canada. Jocelyn is the founding and current President for the Vancouver AVA Network (CAVAN) and is also the Board Secretary of AVA. We are incredibly excited to have Jocelyn join us in Australia as our guest and keynote speaker at AVAS. MSA cordially invites you to join us for dinner on Monday evening at the Parkroyal Parramatta at which Jocelyn will be joined by 2019 AVA Janet Pettit Scholar, Tricia Kleidon from the Queensland Children’s Hospital to discuss Bespoke Vascular Access Solutions, LINE BY LINE.

MSA will also be providing cordless/pocket ultrasounds and international product manager support for the Difficult Peripheral Venous Access Workshop on Sunday afternoon as well as sponsoring the official AVAS Welcome Reception on Sunday evening.

In the late 1970s while working at Royal North Shore Hospital, MSA’s founder recognised the significant impact that vascular access clinical decision-making had in cytotoxic trial outcomes, a time in which almost one in every three patients developed a catheter related blood stream infection. Understanding this clinical need led to MSA being founded on the introduction of the first implantable port and pump to the Australian medical device market in 1982. Since then, MSA has been an integral stakeholder in the vascular access specialty and our Principal & Platinum Partnership with AVAS for the 2019 meeting strongly represents the proud and continuing commitment MSA has to the specialty of vascular access and the promotion of excellence, patient experience and clinical outcomes.

As a privately and wholly owned Australian medical device distribution company, MSA is quite different compared with homogeneous multinational industry suppliers. For MSA, vascular access is about choice, diversity and technology.

MSA leverages to maximum advantage the power we hold as a distributor to choose the products we represent. MSA prides itself in our ability to analyse long-term trends in health economics and international medical device markets, conduct extensive and precise market research, identify leading vascular access technologies and then strategically align ourselves with various like-minded and diverse medical device manufacturers.

Diversity in manufacturer collaboration provides MSA with a variety of industry viewpoints and the opportunity to work with international partners with wide ranging professional experience that each offer independent perspectives. The synergy of these relationships inspire creativity and drive innovation in how we support our products and customers locally.

MSA has pioneered the establishment of many new vascular access technologies in Australia including first Venous Access Port, Implantable Pump, PICC, Attachable Bung/Valve and more recently the first Subcutaneous Stabilisation Device, Extended Dwell Catheter, Cyanoacrylate Glue specifically indicated for VA and Cordless/Pocket Ultrasound.

Through choice, diversity and technology, MSA now provides the world’s first unrivalled portfolio of vascular access brands, to support our Australian clinicians in their pursuit of improved patient care through evidence based practice.

We very much look forward to meeting with everyone at the AVAS 2019 Scientific Meeting, to share and discuss knowledge and evidence in vascular access practice both locally and internationally.