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MSA is extremely excited to announce our partnership with Access Scientific LLC, a limited liability corporation based in San Diego, California, dedicated to establishing a new standard of vascular access, enabling clinicians to perform the fastest, safest, and simplest VA insertion methods in order to deliver undisputed, best in class products. “We have been incredibly impressed with Access Scientific’s progress with their POWERWAND™ technology in the USA supported by their exceptional clinical results” said Patrick Gaynor, MSA Chief Executive Officer, MD. “The PowerWand™ is another wonderful addition for MSA towards building our gold standard vascular access bundle for our customers”.

Access Scientific has pioneered the power-injectable midline market with the POWERWAND™. Made of proprietary ChronoFlex C®, the POWERWAND midline is the proven, evidence based, best-in-class, with over 20,000 catheter-days of published scientific data attesting to the lowest complication rate and highest completion-of-therapy rate of any vascular access device ever studied. The POWERWAND™ offers a unique approach to reducing hospital-acquired infections.

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