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Otological Instruments “Single Use ENT Products”

NeoZoline™ Otology Instruments

Innovative cerumen management products for Hospital, Primary care or Audiologist use.

We provide disposable products that assist with improved infection control compared with traditional, reusable, metal equivalents.

Jobson Horne Probe Ear Curette

Avaliable in Standard (Width = 3mm) and Oval (Width = 2.5mm)

 NZ3431 Loop Close Upweb  NZ3432 Oval Loop Close Up

Cerumen Hook

NZ3441NZ3441 Hook Close Up

Rosen Inserter

 NZ3461Rosen Close Up  NZ3461 Rosen in Handforweb

Myringotomy Knife

NZ3245.2NZ3245 Close Upforweb

Ear Specula

speculaeforweb  NZ3230 Speculae in handweb

Suction Tubes and Controllers

 6 suction tubes labelled  tube controller pack 22g



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