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Micro Introducer Kits

AngioDynamics micro-introducer kits are designed to meet the varying needs of physicians when it comes to micro access. A wide selection of configurations is available, allowing practitioners to build their kit to their exact specifications. Each kit includes one 21-gauge entry needle, one .018” guidewire and one 10 cm Micro-Introducer. Individual insertion components are also available.

For every kit a range of needles is available, including echogenic-tipped needles for higher visibility under ultrasound guidance. AngioDynamics has a wide range of guidewires to meet practitioners’ needs.

Kit Component

The needle

Available in A or B bevel, or super sharp needle
Echogenic tip option available for higher visibility under unltrasound guidance.
21 Gauge needle


The Micro-Introducer

Available in 4 and 5 French sizes
Available in standard ro stiffened options
With quater-twist cam connection that saves time by verifying the secure lock
Seamless dilator-to-sheath transitions to promote optimum preformance
10cm Micro-Introducer


The Guidewire
Atraumatic guidewire in the following options:

Stainless steel wire and tip
Stainless steel wire and tungsten tip for increased radiopacity
Nitinol wire with tungsten tip for increased radiopacity and high kink resistance

Wire is only 0.018″ diameter
Available in either a 45cm or 60cm in length with a 7cm or 4cm tip.


Micro Introducer Kit Brochure ADC1007 pdf_icon