Ventilation Tubes

NeoZoline™ Otological Ventilation Tubes

Also known as Tympanostomy Tubes, Ear Tubes and Grommets, used in the treatment of Otitis Media.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique erognomic case for tubes’ security and easy grip for clinical personnel.
  • All tubes are available in 10 packs of singles or doubles
  • All tubes are supplied sterile

A large range of sizes and product styles are available. Please contact MSA for a detailed list.




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NeoZoline™ Rhinology

Post procedural splints that provide support and protection for the nose. Whether internal or following septoplasty or external following rhinoplasty, we offer a nasal splint solution.


Self Adhesive External Nasal Splint

Following rhinoplasty procedures, the splint provides protection for the nost against trauma as well as preventing excessive soft tissue swelling which may distort nasal bone alignment.

  • Lightweight aluminium which molds to any shape of nose and can be trimmed easily to adjust size, but remains rigid once applied.
  • Dorsal sponge support for patient comfort
  • Adhesive foam strips allow easy and efficient application and removal

NZ3243 2webNZ3243 bent 2web

Hinged Bi-Valved Septal Nasal Splint

  • Anatomically designed to fit and support the nasal septum.
  • Compression is evenly distributed onto the septum in the post-operative phase following septoplasty.
  • Hinged and flexible to enable use on different sizes of septum.
  • Saddle hinge fits across caudal septum and prevent aspiration of splints
  • Pre-punctured holes allow for transfixion sutures tp prevent septal haematoma.


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Otological Instruments

NeoZoline™ Otology Instruments

Innovative cerumen management products for Hospital, Primary care or Audiologist use.

We provide disposable products that assist with improved infection control compared with traditional, reusable, metal equivalents.

Jobson Horne Probe Ear Curette

  • Designed to allow gentle and easy extraction of wax from the ear canal rather than pushing it deeper inside.
  • Curette loop at one end and a threaded section at the other for holding wrapped cotton wool.
  • Manufactured from carbon fibre filled nylon, our disposable version of the traditional metal instrument is both flexible and strong.

Avaliable in Standard (Width = 3mm) and Oval (Width = 2.5mm)

 NZ3431 Loop Close Upweb  NZ3432 Oval Loop Close Up

Cerumen Hook

  • Unique disposable cerumen hook allows easy extraction of hard wax and other obstacles from the ear canal.
  • Optomized hook geometry for maximum leverage.
  • Reduced patient trauma due to flexible material.
  • Light-weight and strong.

NZ3441NZ3441 Hook Close Up

Rosen Inserter

  • Developed in conjunction with NZ surgeons to aid grommet insertion.
  • The geometry also proves favourable for removal of objects in the ear.
  • Manufactured from carbon filled nylon for strength and flexibility.
 NZ3461Rosen Close Up  NZ3461 Rosen in Handforweb

Myringotomy Knife

  • Ergonomic lancet used to pierce and incise the tympanic membrane.
  • Bendable shaft for versatility, ease of use and to prevent obstruction of the optic axis.
  • Blade sharpened and angled to aid incision.

NZ3245.2NZ3245 Close Upforweb

Ear Specula

  • Advanced design provides maximum patient comfort and superior operational vision.
  • Matt finish and internal ridges reduce glare and reflection from the microscope light onto the internal surface of the specula.
  • Three medial end sizes available which are slightly oval to conform to the ear canal.
  • Soft and flexible material to aid patient comfort.
  • Serrated lateral end to aid finger tip grip.
speculaeforweb  NZ3230 Speculae in handweb

Suction Tubes and Controllers

  • For the suction of fluid and other media from the ear
  • A large range of sizes available
  • Available in surgically cleaned or sterilized
  • Colour distinctions for easy recognition
  • Comes already bent for easy access
  • Malleable shaft for additional bending
  • Controllers allows control of suction levels through thumb vent mechanism
 6 suction tubes labelled  tube controller pack 22g


  • Single use
  • Stainless steel
  • Surgically cleaned
  • Avaliable in 3.5mm and 7mm jaw size


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Myringotomy Kit

NeoZoline™ Myringotomy Kits

Our popular all-in-one procedure packs contain sterilized, easy to use disposable instruments that are economically packaged and priced to save on cleaning and assembly costs.

Standard Myringotomy kit contains:

  • Myringotomy knife
  • Standard Jobson Horne Probe
  • Rosen inserter
  • Bent Suction tubes in 16 and 20 Gauge
  • Suction controller
  • Ear Specula in 4, 5 and 6mm
  • Optional Forceps

Paediatric Myringotomy kit contains:

  • Myringotomy knife
  • Oval Jobson Horne Probe
  • Rosen inserter
  • Bent Suction tubes in 16 and 18 Gauge
  • Suction controller
  • Ear Specula in 3, 4 and 5mm
  • Ultra Fine Forceps – Stainless Steel

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