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MSA attends the “House of Cannulas” Scientific Meeting 2017 AVAS / WoCoVA

MSA attended the Australian Vascular Access Society’s (AVAS) 2017 Scientific Meeting, which incorporated the World Congress of Vascular Access (WoCoVa) Special Event, in Perth from the 10th – 12th of May 2017. This Vascular Access Meeting brought together a multidisciplinary cohort of doctors, nurses, and scientists from a range of fields and setting, all with a passion for improving Vascular Access care. The latest of all devices and technology were available to be reviewed by delegates.

It was very exciting to be so involved in this Vascular Access Meeting, which was themed “Excellence in Vascular Access: Making Healthcare Work”. Our representatives had the opportunity to listen to and meet with keynote speakers in Vascular Access research and practice from across the globe.

MSA hosted welcome drinks and canapes with the inclusion of a panel discussion and Q&A session on “International and Australian Experience with a Novel Subcutaneous Securement Device”. We were fortunate to have Mauro Pittiruti (MD, Catholic University Hospital, Rome, Italy), Gavin Jackson (PICC CNC, Fiona Stanley Hospital, WA), Anthony Marshall (Vascular Access CNC, Westmead Hospital, NSW) and Jack LeDonne (MD, Chesapeake Vascular Access, USA) involved in the session. These speakers provided great insight into their experiences with SecurAcath, and emphasised how important the device is in improving outcomes in their practices.

Additionally, MSA was thrilled to launch Access Scientific LLC, POWERWAND™ to the Australasian region at this Vascular Access Meeting. This was particularly exciting for us following Nicolas Mifflin’s (CNC, Central Venous Access Service, Liverpool Hospital, NSW) presentation on “Midline Catheters for Prolonged Antibiotic Therapy”. Nicolas highlighted that midlines still present with complications including occlusion, leaking at the insertion site, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and infiltration. The POWERWAND™ is proven, evidence based, best-in-class, with over 20,000 catheter-days of published scientific data attesting to the lowest complication rate and highest completion-of-therapy rate of any vascular access device ever studied.

The Vascular Access Meeting was extremely informative and a delight to attend. We would like to thank those involved in the organisation of the event as well as all keynote speakers and attendees.