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Scopes “Improving Infection Control”

The THD Light-Scope ANO and THD Light Scope RECTO need no other light source to illuminate the area being inspected, saving clinicians time and eliminating the need for costly external lighting systems.

Light-Scope ANO

Light-Scope RECTO

The THD Light-Scope ANO is a diagnostic and procedural anoscope which combines a uniquely moulded handle design and a self-illuminated LED based lighting system. It is available with two different end tip configurations: bevelled and truncated.

Benefits and Features:

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Light-Scope RECTO

Lightscope Recto light

The THD Light-Scope RECTO combines a magnifying lens with an inbuilt lighting system to provide clear visibility of the inspection area. RECTO Max and RECTO Mini are available.

Benefits and Features:

THD LightScope Rectoscope Brochurepdf_icon