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Sphinkeeper The New Artificial Anal Sphincter: Designed for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Faecal Incontinence


The THD Sphinkeeper is the new method of treating faecal incontinence. The method involves implanting specifically designed self-expandable prostheses into the intersphincteric space.

10 sterile self-expandable prostheses are implanted into the intersphincteric space. Once expanded, a shape memory doughnut is created between the IAS and the EAS like a third artificial anal sphincter.

THD SphinKeeper® implants are made with HYEXPAN, a patented THD material with SHAPE MEMORY.
Hyexpan is:

Studies conclude that implantation is not followed by septic or adverse reactions, does not result in short term dislodgement and is well tolerated.

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